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Bad Education
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One of Pedro Almodovar's finest films, BAD EDUCATION is an outrageous tale of desire, revenge and murder. Filmmaker Enrique (Fele Martínez) gets a visit from an aspiring actor claiming to be his old school friend Ignacio (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN), who has written a story about their traumatic childhood spent at Catholic school. In the story, a drag performer known as Zahara (also played by Bernal) attempts to blackmail a predatory priest by exposing their scandalous past. The tale provides the inspiration for Enrique¹s next film. But when the villainous priest from their school days arrives on to tell his own version of the events, the truth is wilder than anything anyone could have imagined.

3 day rental • NC-17 • 106 min. • Spanish with subtitles

“A rapturous masterwork!”
Rolling Stone

“A dazzling exercise in storytelling -- and a loving tribute to the power of cinema.”
— Seattle Times

“Superbly orchestrated, visually impressive pic.”
— Variety

"It still exerts an uncanny power: Like the best of Almodovar's work, it throws you a first-love sucker punch that will stagger your heart, mind, and soul."
— New York Magazine