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A ROCKY-esque tale of determination and grit, PLATFORM follows of three Iranian sisters from a poor, traditional family in Muslim Iran as they compete to become international champions of Wushu, a Chinese martial art. The sisters thrilling underdog story explores not only their dedicated training, but also their surprising place in society as they challenge traditional gender roles on the path to success. These women are not free from the conservatism of their country and are forced to cover themselves entirely, unlike their opponents, but they do not shy away from these issues, and succeed in spite of them.

3 day rental • NR • 87 min. • Persian with subtitles

“While compelling in content, Sahar Mosayebi also proves herself very much a daughter of Iran’s history of engaging, well-crafted cinema. The editing is especially impressive, cutting together fights and training as though part of a choreographed action sequence. These scenes provide the documentary with a spark and the spirit of these fighters seems to infect the film itself - a welcome meeting of content and form. PLATFORM is more than a simple telling of a sporting success story, it is an inspirational, motivational film about what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.”
— Milo Garner | Raindance