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Saint Laurent
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A gorgeous biopic about the legendary French Designer navigating a decade of freedom from the 60s into the 70s. 

From the New York Times review: 

"You are transported into the workshops where Yves Saint Laurent designed his couture collections of the late 1960s and early ’70s, and into the business meetings where his brand-extension strategies were hatched. After-hours you follow the designer, in the company of friends, lovers and hangers-on, to Paris nightclubs and cruising areas, to Morocco and to bed. A few names are dropped — Andy Warhol, Loulou de la Falaise — but mostly you sweep through the parties and runway shows without stopping for introductions, as if you already knew everyone who mattered.

It’s a giddy, intoxicating, decidedly decadent feeling, but SAINT LAURENT is more than merely seductive. In dispensing with the usual plodding routines of the biopic, Mr. Bonello offers a perspective on his subject — played in his prime by the epicene, hollow-cheeked Gaspard Ulliel — that is at once intimate and detached. Beginning at a low moment in 1974, flashing back to the glory days of 1967 and later jumping ahead to Saint Laurent’s final years (when he’s played by Helmut Berger), the film is a compulsively detailed swirl of moods and impressions, intent on capturing the contradictions of the man and his times. Observations of Saint Laurent at work and in love give way to panoramic, intricate surveys of the world of commerce and culture in which he suffered and flourished."

3 day rental • R • 150 min.

"SAINT LAURENT sensuously evokes the storied French designer...Director and co-writer Bertrand Bonello has thrown out linear structure and simple cause-and-effect plotting in favor of a sensory experience that links the designer with the aesthetic traditions he worshiped, from the literature of Marcel Proust to the art of Henri Matisse. Focusing on the decade leading up to Saint Laurent’s triumphant 1976 show — a richly embroidered, decadently luxurious collection inspired by the Russian ballet and Slavic peasant dress — SAINT LAURENT captures not just a man grappling with his own legacy but also the times that swirled around him."
Washington Post