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Sun Children
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SUN CHILDREN is the story of 12-year-old Ali and his three friends. Together they work hard to survive and support their families, doing small jobs in a garage and committing petty crimes to make fast money. In a turn of events that seems miraculous, Ali is entrusted to find a hidden treasure underground. He recruits his gang, but first, to gain access to the tunnel, the children must enroll at the Sun School, a charitable institution that tries to educate street kids and child laborers, close to where the treasure is located.

3 day rental • NR • 99 min. • Persian with subtitles

“Energetic and heartfelt, tipping towards tragedy, Sun Children crawls through the mud and emerges all the stronger.”

“Majid Majidi has made some of the most visually stunning and emotionally stirring films in world cinema about the plight of under-privileged, exploited and abused young people, and Sun Children (Khorshid) is one of his very best.”
— Hollywood Reporter

“If one of the intentions of "Sun Children" is to remind that all kids are created equal, deserving of education and encouragement, Majidi's young ensemble makes the case loud and clear.”
— Variety